Deinonychus antirrhopus skeletal reconstruction




Deinonychus recon

The new header on my blog’s first page is a skeletal reconstruction of Deinonychus that I did on a commission a few years back. I studied the osteology for months and got to know the bones really well. I had to make a few compromises to fit in a tubular aircraft steel armature. It was built to be installed outdoors, so it had to be painted with shiny automotive paint in this version.

This model, and any parts thereof are for sale as well. By request I can deliver casts of the skull, feet, forelimbs, etc.

4 responses to “Deinonychus antirrhopus skeletal reconstruction

    • I am really flattered. Dr. Larry Witmer has some of the dorsal skull elements that show a somewhat different contour than we once thought. I used Ostrom’s monograph as my main source though, figured out some of the 3D stuff on Velociraptor specimens, adn also there is one excellent paper about the palate, suspensorium, and brain case of Dromaeosaurusby Dr. Currie. JVP vol 15 no. 3 pg 576.

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